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It is under the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721 and regulates family relations. The main issues of family law are; engagement, terms and conditions of marriage, conditions and consequences of divorce, property regimes, genocide, adoption, custody, child support - child support, guardianship, trustee. According to the Turkish Civil Code, disputes arising from family law fall within the jurisdiction of the Family Courts. Where there are no Family Courts, these disputes are handled by the Civil Courts of First Instance. Our expert service lawyers are provided by our law firm on all these matters.


It is also a part of the property law regulated in the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721. Real Estate Law is a concept that deals with all kinds of legal disputes and transactions related to Real Estate.


The Turkish Commercial Code and Insurance Law, which are the main legislation of insurance, and the changes in regulations, regulations and communiqués related to them, bring the technical legal support to the legal dimension of the activities in this field. We provide our clients with attorney and consultancy services in all kinds of disputes arising from the insurance field.

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It is a branch of law regulated in the execution Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law No. 2004, which provides the opportunity to benefit from state power so that the creditor can obtain what he will receive in the easiest and fastest ways.The issues covered by the Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law and provided legal services by our Law Office are as follows.


It is a branch of law that deals with the collection, storage, processing and transmission of information in an orderly and reasonable manner, especially through electronic and technological means, and the disputes that may arise from these issues. With the development of technology, virtual spaces also need legal regulations. In recent years, numerous national and international legal arrangements have been made for the field of informatics.

Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Our Department, which provides full-service legal consultancy services in all matters of foreign origin, including obtaining Work Permits for foreign nationals, following residence permit procedures, and applying and following up on Turkish Citizenship, is to support all of our clients' legal problems in this field and ready to produce solutions

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