Preparation of contracts in accordance with the needs of real and legal persons, examination of contracts, realization of necessary and requested changes, signing of contracts by proxy on behalf of foreign real and legal persons are the subjects.

As is known, under Article 48 of the Constitution, “freedom of contract” is essential, but it does not grant unlimited rights to free individuals. Because in accordance with Article 27 of the Turkish Code of Obligations “Contracts which are contrary to the ordering provisions of the law, morality, public order, personal rights or which are impossible to issue are absolutely void.” There are many kinds of contracts in our law and the number of disputes that arise due to this is a great deal. The areas of work that are most commonly encountered today and which form the fields of work of our law firm are as follows;

–Agent’s Contracts and Dealer Agreements

– Distributorship Contract

– Franchising Contracts

– Trademark Assignment Contracts

– Construction Contracts

– Know How Contracts

– License Contracts

– Lease Agreement

– Goods and Services Trading Contracts

– Joint Venture Contracts

– Leasing Contracts

– Supply and Contract Agreements

–Receivables Debt Restructuring Agreements

– Real Estate Purchase, Sale and Transfer Contracts

– Loan and Financing Agreements

– All the issues that will be needed related to the contract, such as preparation, modification, signing, implementation, renewal or termination of contracts such as company Capital contract etc.