It is a branch of law that deals with the collection, storage, processing and transmission of information in an orderly and reasonable manner, especially through electronic and technological means, and the disputes that may arise from these issues. With the development of technology, virtual spaces also need legal regulations. In recent years, numerous national and international legal arrangements have been made for the field of informatics. We, as Berke Kaşıkaralar, represent our clients in private law cases related to the field of it Crimes and Divorce, compensation, receivables and other commercial cases, as well as due to the fact that private life relations are also covered by the events experienced over the internet. Information Technology Law has many crimes in itself. But to mentions that most common crimes;

– Crime of entering information systems

– Block, disrupt, destroy, or modify the system

– Misuse of debit or credit cards

– Implementation of security measures on legal entities

– Licensing, protection of intellectual property rights, registration procedures

– Offences arising in electronic contracts

– Crimes involving unfair use of computer programs

– Internet, social media and messages; threats, blackmail, insults, etc.

– Forge a paper

– Illegal betting sites

– Attacks on private life using technological tools (listening, tracking, monitoring, etc.)

Data Protection Law

With the advancement of technology, the easy access to information provides positive developments and also poses great risks. Today, state institutions and private institutions process a significant amount of data about individuals. This situation causes individuals to lose control of their data and create risks such as using this data against them. The right to protection of personal data is a constitutional right that individuals have against unauthorized use of their data by real or legal persons. As Berke Kaşıkaralar, the main subjects that we offer to our clients are advocacy and consultancy services within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and its secondary regulations, which came into force on April 7, 2016;

- General Legal Support and Consultancy on Protection of Personal Data

- Legal Consultancy in Fulfilling the Obligations of the Data Controller

- Legal Representation in Investigations Concerning the Law on Protection of Personal Data