It provides legal possibilities to anyone who is born out of creativity both in industrial and scientific, literary and artistic fields, and who demonstrates their creativity. Intellectual property is the form of thoughts owned individually or institutionally embodied on a product and gained economic value. Protectable intellectual products, according to the way they are shaped; works, inventions, designs, brands, geographical signs, trade names, business names, internet domain names can be exemplified.

Authors royalties arise spontaneously when the work is created and the protection related to it is provided by the publicity of the work and although there is no need for a notification or registration, in order to provide protection in industrial property rights, the relevant invention, design, brand etc. must be registered. Berke Kaşıkaralar provides legal counseling services within the scope of Industrial Property Law, Intellectual and Artistic Works Law and secondary legislation in order to meet all kinds of needs of its clients in order to protect their rights within the scope of intellectual property law.

The main topics we serve are as follows;



-Industrial design and utility models research in national and international area

-Authors royalties

- Preventing misuse of trade secrets

- Preparation of license agreements and import/export licenses

- Protection of designs and utility model law

- Registration rights

- DVD, CD, etc. issues like violation of copyrighted materials etc.