Insurance Law

In parallel with the rapid development of insurance in our country, the number of legal disputes arising from insurance application is increasing day by day. In the insurance practice, issues such as whether the risk occurred, whether it is covered by the insurance, the status of the defect and its effect on the contract, and the recourse of the payment to the defective person cause legal disputes in many of the contracts. In addition, the general financial risk brought by the insurance activity results in the administrations' tendency to monitor their insurance activities intensely. In parallel with all of these, the change in the Turkish Commercial Code and the Insurance Law and the related statutes, regulations and communiques, which are the main regulations of insurance, brings technical support to the legal aspect of the activities in this field.

As Berke Kaşıkaralar, we provide our clients with attorney and consultancy services in all kinds of disputes arising from the insurance field.

The main topics we serve are as follows;

- Insurance claims and compensation cases

- Making applications to insurance companies and following the process

- Lack of support compensation, disability compensation, treatment expenses, etc. Substitution and follow-up of cases involving material claims and moral damages

- Compensation claims for traffic accidents

- Following the investigation and prosecution stages in cases where the act causing the accident constitutes a crime under the Turkish Criminal Code

- Fire insurance cases

- Traffic insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. Necessary applications and transactions before the insurance companies for the settlement of all kinds of disputes arising from the policies, substitution and follow-up of the required cases

- Medical malpractice cases

- Cases related to personal accidents

- Cases regarding goods and other claims

- Substitution and follow-up of recourse cases arising from insurance contracts