Debt & Bankruptcy 

It is a branch of law regulated in the execution Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law No. 2004, which provides the opportunity to benefit from state power so that the creditor can obtain what he will receive in the easiest and fastest ways. The issues covered by the Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law and provided legal services by our Law Office are as follows;

  • Preparation and follow-up of all kinds of execution follow-up

  • Enforcement action

  • Opening and tracking of kite check cases

  • Preparation and follow-up of negative declaratory actions and restitution claims

  • Objection to due balance and follow-up

  • Preparation and follow-up Appeal cases

  • Cancellation of savings cases

  • Enforcement prosecutions

  • Other cases that fall within the remit of the Enforcement Court

  • Cases for termination of tender

  • Injunctive lien case

  • Regulation and supervision of improvement project

  • Regulation of bills of exchange

  • Regulation and supervision of concordatum agreements

  • Sales operations of confiscated goods

  • Audit of debt wreck status in companies