It is a branch of public law that regulates crimes and penalties. Although the Penal Code is generally regulated in the Turkish Penal Code, there are provisions in many laws such as banking law and Turkish Commercial Code. Our lawyers at our law firm follow every stage of the process, from the investigation stage to the conclusion of the prosecution, with great care and represent their clients in the best possible way.

–Crimes against life: manslaughter in the first degree, involuntary manslaughter, human trafficking

– Offences against body immunity: nonaccidental injury, reckless injury

– Offences against sexual impunity: sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse

– Crimes against freedom: threats, blackmail, deprivation of liberty, violation/breach of residence immunity

– Offences against honour: invective

– Offences against private life: violation of privacy of private life, violation of privacy of communication

– Offences against property: theft, theft of use, looting (extortion), causing damage to property, abusing of trust, common law cheat

– Offences against public trust: forgery in money, forgery in official document, forgery in seal, forgery in private document

– Crimes against general morality: obscenity, prostitution, providing space and facilities for gambling

We, as Berke Kaşıkaralar, provide consulting and advocacy services to our clients on all these issues.