In 2014, Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection entered into force, and Law No. 6502 is still applied in disputes. In accordance with Law No. 6502, consumer law is to take measures to protect the health and safety and economic interests of consumers, to compensate their losses, to protect them from environmental hazards, to enlighten and raise awareness of consumers, to encourage consumers to protect themselves and to encourage voluntary organizations in the development of policies on these issues.

Berke Kaşıkaralar follows the legislation and technological developments closely and provides quality and result oriented services in all areas of Consumer Law. The main topics we serve are as follows;

- Subscription contract cases

- Cases arising from defective services

- Cases arising from defective goods

- Guaranteed property cases

- Door step sales cases

- Cases arising from distant sales

- Cases arising from unfair conditions

- Credit card contract cases

- Cases arising from package tours

- Cases arising from consumer loans

- Cases arising from installment and campaign sales

- Applications to the Consumer Problems Arbitration Committee